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21• Myrurgia Perfumer in Barcelona since 1916 - Baccarat Flacon Parfum

Trésors de la Parfumerie

Treasures of Perfumery

Myrurgia is a perfume company founded in Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain) in 1916 by Esteve Monegal y Prat. Myrurgia soon became an important player in the international perfume market, with products that were oriental ("Maderas de Oriente"), exotic Hispanic ("Maja") or even clearly hedonistic ("Orgía").

Monegal was concerned with quality in the presentation and advertising of his products. He collaborated with well-known artists such as Eduard Jener and Jacob Baron de Wilkinson. The poster for the perfume line "La Maja" is a design by the artist Eduard Jener, who was inspired by the dancer Carmen Tórtola Valencia and a photograph of her show La Tirana.