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My mysterious collection of Hermès objects

Minaudière-Rallye-Malleret Plateau-argent-PrixLGH-1994 Porte-cigarettes Etui-à-cigarettes Porte-allumettes Porte-Coran-Moyen-Orient Canne-siège Etriers Porte-photo Flacon-pendentif Etui-Rochas Porte-pipe-Poulie Boite-Guess Table-yacht-service-inversable Pot-à-tabac-Weintraub Ceinture-Créneau Bracelet-1929 Bracelet-arlequin Coffret-à-cigarettes-de-table-carte-à-jouer Minaudière-pendentif-galuchat Ceinture-ombres-chinoises Bob-ombres-chinoises Ceinture -Cadrans-anciens

Orfèvrerie Vénerie Hermès Poudrier Bijoux Rouge-à-lèvres Minaudière Xavier-de-Poret Chasse Blason ElegancePré


Fourre-tout chic ! Objets Hermès

"bric-a-brac all Hermès in a flat trunk from the House of Goyard".

"Do not touch" - Oh no thank you

Since I was very young, I have had an attraction for objects. I like to touch them, weigh them, caress them, look at them and finally put them back down. Objects have a specific weight depending on the material they are made of and the simple fact of having them in my hands allows me to determine their composition.

I like them for their originality of form and the ingenuity linked to their use, as well as for the natural materials - or not - in which they are made: precious or non-precious metals, paper, cardboard, wood, leather, ivory, tortoiseshell, glass, Bakelite, fabrics... shaped and worked with love and know-how. Only pewter leaves me unmoved.

For the beauty of the shapes and the association of the colours, with a penchant for Art-deco, the objects enchant me completely, I can't do without them. I enjoy my home with them, a background noise of Melodie Nelson and my entourage that lets me make my choices and my way of being.

Artists and craftsmen, from the goldsmith to the cabinetmaker, have been creating timeless works of art since the dawn of time, present in beautiful homes that have been passed down from one generation to the next or that can be found in museums.

Thank you to them... G. Artémoff, J.E. Rhulman, P. Dupré-Lafon, J.M. Frank, A. Hunebelle, R. Lalique, J. Desprez, Maison Hermès, Maison Goyard, Maison L. Vuitton, Paul Poiret, L. Gaillard... the pleasure of contemplating your works embellishes our lives.

My curiosity leads me to want to know everything about the enigmatic creations of the Maison Hermès. I like to know who the objects belonged to. I am pleased to share with you the results of my research and discoveries.

Hermes Minaudière for the beauty of a horsewoman. Rallye Malleret

Who are you, Madame la Comtesse?

Minaudière Hermès-Paris 1957

What emotion when this object of my collection, out of my memory, resurfaced. Heavy and massive, I had the pleasure of rediscovering it, touching it, admiring it, opening it, and slipping it into its velvet calf case. Determined to find out more, I took a close look at the enigmatic motto engraved on a paving stone, the history of which I found. The other engraving is being researched, it represents a count's crown surmounted by a lion, probably a relative of the Mallerets.

Silver Gold Mirror

Dobblis sheath case signed by Hermès

By reading the two inverted engravings, you can tell which plunger

opens one side or the other.

The silver and gold minaudière in its Hermès case is hinged like a book by two push-pieces hidden on the front edge of the object. Simply press the gold pusher to open one side or the other. One of the push-pieces is engraved with a crown surmounted by a lion and the other with a fleeing hare with the motto "Rallye Malleret" just below.

Rallye Malleret

The Malleret Rally was founded by Paul Clossmann in 1886, who was the aunt of the boatswain.

Paul Clossman, owner of Malleret, hunted hares and deer in the Modoquine moors (Médoc, France) until 1909. After a long interruption, the Malleret Rally reopened in 1956 under the leadership of Bertrand du Vivier who took over the name and the emblematic button of the crew, which had belonged to his uncle.

Button emblem of the crew

of the Malleret Rally

"Dress: blue, doe belly facings, no braid

The button represents a hare fleeing from a banner with the legend "Rallye Malleret".

Boatswain: Marquis du Vivier

Fanfare: La Malleret and the Bois Lurette".

Copyright Bertrand du Vivier

When it comes to hunting, Xavier de Poret, artist-painter, "paparazzi" of animals in nature, is at the edge of the woods, easel and pencils at hand. It is not surprising that his works include drawings of the private hunting society of the Malleret Rally.

The Marquis du Vivier by Xavier de Poret - Crew of Malleret - Societé de Vénerie


Dedicated silver tray


Engraved tray "Prix Lionel Guerrand-Hermès... 1994" Hermès-Paris

Lionel Guerrand-Hermès lost his life in 1981 in a car accident. The young man, son of Patrick Guerrand-Hermès, was then 18 years old.

In his memory, Hermès published the Lionel Guerrand-Hermès Prize. For 1994, a tray engraved with the words "Prix Lionel Guerrand-Hermès Fontainebleau 4 septembre 1994" was offered to the personalities.

Silver plated brass Barenia leather


X-shaped cigarette case
Canne seat