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33•5• Leves N°5 •Hermès - Timespieces

Paul-Dupré-Lafon Pendulette-H Ermeto Horseshoe Angelus Golf Counter Compass Torpedo Boat Pendulette-Crossed Porthole

Welcome to my collections, to a place of light and space where it is good to live, write, look, dream and search. Clocks, pendulum clocks and pendulum clocks personalise refined living spaces. Now museum pieces, these 20th century accessories bring a charm of life to our daily interiors.

Beauty is timeless. Authenticity is essential and reassuring. Quality in all its forms is priceless.

Table clock H

Sublime realization weighing nearly 3 kilos. At first sight a paperweight, but by tilting the central edge we discover an elegant clock with sober lines in the pure design of the time. A timeless object.

Hermès desk clock 1960s-1970s

Numbered, signed and engraved

under the seat

Silver plated bronze

7.5 cm square

Hermès catalogue 1971

Embossed cover H


Clock "Ermeto"

Clock "Ermeto" in its Hermès 1929 travel case

Hermès Catalogue 1929

Gold-plated silver Lizard-coated silver


Pendulum clock

Square clock with bridge Full leather1935

Hermes hot stamped under the axis of the hands