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  • 33•4• Palier N°4 •Hermès Enigmatic objects . events . rare objects

    My mysterious collection of Hermès objects Minaudière-Rallye-Malleret Plateau-argent-PrixLGH-1994 Porte-cigarettes Etui-à-cigarettes Porte-allumettes Porte-Coran-Moyen-Orient Canne-siège Etriers Porte-photo Flacon-pendentif Etui-Rochas Porte-pipe-Poulie Boite-Guess Table-yacht-service-inversable Pot-à-tabac-Weintraub Ceinture-Créneau Bracelet-1929 Bracelet-arlequin Coffret-à-cigarettes-de-table-carte-à-jouer Minaudière-pendentif-galuchat Ceinture-ombres-chinoises Bob-ombres-chinoises Ceinture -Cadrans-anciens Orfèvrerie Vénerie Hermès Poudrier Bijoux Rouge-à-lèvres Minaudière Xavier-de-Poret Chasse Blason ElegancePré Pré Fourre-tout chic ! Objets Hermès "bric-a-brac all Hermès in a flat trunk from the House of Goyard". "Do not touch" - Oh no thank you Since I was very young, I have had an attraction for objects. I like to touch them, weigh them, caress them, look at them and finally put them back down. Objects have a specific weight depending on the material they are made of and the simple fact of having them in my hands allows me to determine their composition. I like them for their originality of form and the ingenuity linked to their use, as well as for the natural materials - or not - in which they are made: precious or non-precious metals, paper, cardboard, wood, leather, ivory, tortoiseshell, glass, Bakelite, fabrics... shaped and worked with love and know-how. Only pewter leaves me unmoved. For the beauty of the shapes and the association of the colours, with a penchant for Art-deco, the objects enchant me completely, I can't do without them. I enjoy my home with them, a background noise of Melodie Nelson and my entourage that lets me make my choices and my way of being. Artists and craftsmen, from the goldsmith to the cabinetmaker, have been creating timeless works of art since the dawn of time, present in beautiful homes that have been passed down from one generation to the next or that can be found in museums. Thank you to them... G. Artémoff, J.E. Rhulman, P. Dupré-Lafon, J.M. Frank, A. Hunebelle, R. Lalique, J. Desprez, Maison Hermès, Maison Goyard, Maison L. Vuitton, Paul Poiret, L. Gaillard... the pleasure of contemplating your works embellishes our lives. My curiosity leads me to want to know everything about the enigmatic creations of the Maison Hermès. I like to know who the objects belonged to. I am pleased to share with you the results of my research and discoveries. Hermes Minaudière for the beauty of a horsewoman. Rallye Malleret Who are you, Madame la Comtesse? Minaudière Hermès-Paris 1957 What emotion when this object of my collection, out of my memory, resurfaced. Heavy and massive, I had the pleasure of rediscovering it, touching it, admiring it, opening it, and slipping it into its velvet calf case. Determined to find out more, I took a close look at the enigmatic motto engraved on a paving stone, the history of which I found. The other engraving is being researched, it represents a count's crown surmounted by a lion, probably a relative of the Mallerets. Silver Gold Mirror Dobblis sheath case signed by Hermès By reading the two inverted engravings, you can tell which plunger opens one side or the other. The silver and gold minaudière in its Hermès case is hinged like a book by two push-pieces hidden on the front edge of the object. Simply press the gold pusher to open one side or the other. One of the push-pieces is engraved with a crown surmounted by a lion and the other with a fleeing hare with the motto "Rallye Malleret" just below. Rallye Malleret The Malleret Rally was founded by Paul Clossmann in 1886, who was the aunt of the boatswain. Paul Clossman, owner of Malleret, hunted hares and deer in the Modoquine moors (Médoc, France) until 1909. After a long interruption, the Malleret Rally reopened in 1956 under the leadership of Bertrand du Vivier who took over the name and the emblematic button of the crew, which had belonged to his uncle. Button emblem of the crew of the Malleret Rally "Dress: blue, doe belly facings, no braid The button represents a hare fleeing from a banner with the legend "Rallye Malleret". Boatswain: Marquis du Vivier Fanfare: La Malleret and the Bois Lurette". Copyright Bertrand du Vivier When it comes to hunting, Xavier de Poret, artist-painter, "paparazzi" of animals in nature, is at the edge of the woods, easel and pencils at hand. It is not surprising that his works include drawings of the private hunting society of the Malleret Rally. The Marquis du Vivier by Xavier de Poret - Crew of Malleret - Societé de Vénerie Dedicated silver tray mémory Engraved tray "Prix Lionel Guerrand-Hermès... 1994" Hermès-Paris Lionel Guerrand-Hermès lost his life in 1981 in a car accident. The young man, son of Patrick Guerrand-Hermès, was then 18 years old. In his memory, Hermès published the Lionel Guerrand-Hermès Prize. For 1994, a tray engraved with the words "Prix Lionel Guerrand-Hermès Fontainebleau 4 septembre 1994" was offered to the personalities. Silver plated brass Barenia leather Engraving X-shaped cigarette case Canne seat X-shaped cigarette case Hermès Paris 24 Fg St Honoré 1924 On a side table by André Hunebelle Cross grain leather Metal frame ... The ingenuity of Mr Hermes has succeeded in inventing a model of cigarette case in the shape of an X which allows the closed case to be carried in the pocket and also placed on a piece of furniture where it becomes a trinket presented in an original way.... ..... The same ingenuity can be found in a cane for hunters that can be sat on... .... The same ingenuity can be found in a cane for hunters that can be sat on... Texts from "La Renaissance de l'Art Français et des Industries du Luxe", 1924 Hermes Paris 1924 cane seat The curved handle opens like a book, forming an extra seat Open handle Pigskin Aluminium Precious wood Stirrup Hermès Frères Bronze stirrup Hermès 1920 Signature under the seat Test from "La Renaissance de l'Art Français et des Industries du Luxe", 1921 Talcum powder case for Marcel Rochas elegance in the masculine Talcum powder case holder for Marcel Rochas Hermès-Paris 1949 Special order designed by Hermès for perfumer Marcel Rochas for the launch of Moustache perfume in 1949. Marcel Rochas' refinement and elegance combined with the beauty of his wife, Hélène, were well known. Both were art lovers and possessed treasures of Art Deco. In particular, prestigious pieces of furniture by Eileen Gray. End with saddle-stitched finish Cylindrical box-calf case designed to hold the talcum powder box, topped with the dark red lacquered screw cap Box-calf Aluminium for the container Pendant bottle an approach to perfume Hermès Paris pendant bottle c.1925 H. 5.5 cm, which inspired the design of "Parfum des Merveilles" in 2005 Detail of the screwed tester cap with its twisted twisted rod Pendant bottle metal "Parfum des Merveilles" H.5 cm, 2005 "Pulley" pipe support Pipe "pulley" pipe support Hermès-Paris c.1960 Pipe Hermès crocodile skinned 1968 Surprisingly realistic pipe holder to support a lit stove pipe. The ingeniously designed object is absolutely original. pipe support: Silver Pipe: Heather wood covered with crocodile Enigmatic box - "Guess" secret of a box Box "Guess" (breveté) plein cuir Hermès-Paris 24 Fg St Honoré 1938 When I took possession of this object in 1985, the antique dealer told me it was a paperweight. Given its weight and full leather finish, this was likely. However, I had in mind that this object could conceal a hiding place. Several years later, as I was handling the object, I pressed the right spot. The decorative plate on the top of the box tilted, and I discovered an open space. It was originally a secret cigarette box, but I found a sweet note in the compartment "to Louise...". Now it's no longer a secret. I later learned that this box was designed by Paul Dupré-Lafon, information confirmed by the family of the architect-decorator. Chrome plated brass Box-calf Wood Full leather Tilting the decorative plate on top of the box Tilting table for "reversible" port service for yachts magic trick Tilting table for "reversible" port service (Patented) 1938 Signature on a plaque fixed under a table post The "reversible" service is an invention patented by Hermès in France and abroad. The first services were produced in 1929. The table with "inversable" service appears in the Hermès catalogue of 1938. The table top swivels on an axis with a side table on one side and an invertible service on the other. The full or empty port glasses follow the movement (Ferris wheel system). The glasses are kept upright by gravity. Chrome plated brass Walnut wood Glass or crystal Reversible service side table Tobacco pot dedicated to Jerry Weintraub Who is Lois, Princess Coconut? Hermès-Paris tobacco jar Déposé1956 Dedication to the American actor and producer Jerry Weintraub. To seal, the grip must be turned to compress or expand the clamping rubber. Full leather Crocodile matt Brass Rubber Dedication, under the cover «Exclusively for Jerry Weintraub much love always, Lois (Princess Coconut) » Hermès-Paris Side view of the cover Signature on the bottom Top view of the lid Acquisition faite en Californie Jerry Weintraub Jerry Weintraub (September 26, 1937 - July 6, 2015) was an American actor, art director and film producer. Bibliography: • Suggestions, 1956 N°125 • Carrés d’art II – Illustrated directory & raiting of Hermès scarves, by G.Fontan isbn 978-2-911955-36-5, Page 152 Secret cigarette box Secret cigarette box Hermès-Paris 1925 Polished brass enamel Open box Honeycomb interior To open the box, press on the black point of the domino opposite the hinge Listed in the Hermes 1925 catalogue in the rectangular section version "Créneau" belt more contemporary than ever In 1927, the most daring of the Callot sisters, Marie Gerber, was looking for a belt to accessorise her creations. She asked Hermès, which was very advanced in the creation of accessories for elegant dogs, to extend a dog collar with studs and bells to make a belt. A little later, Hermès was inspired by Marie Gerber's idea and in turn produced belts in the "dog collar" spirit. The model, still in the collection, evolved into bracelets, under evocative names and in many variations. "Créneau" belt Hermès Paris c.1949 First version of the "Collier de chien" model Pigskin Blued steel Bracelet "Gourmette" Hermès 1929 Bracelet gourmette Hermès 1929 Long before Chanel, who made this creation famous, which consists of threading a leather link into gilded metal links, Hermès proposed, in its 1929 catalogue, various models of bracelets made according to this ingenious leather/metal combination. Leather Brass with gold plating Bracelet gourmette Porte-folio Hermès 1929 Bracelet Arlequin Hermès c.1925 Bracelet Arlequin Hermès Paris 1925 Leather Brass Clasp Détail Minaudière 1925 to wear at your fingertips Monogrammed jewellery clutch Hermès-Paris 1925 Inside the minaudière Signature engraved on the inside edge Silver gilt Stingray enamel Roses Mirror Cigarette box "Muratti" Hermès-Paris 1929 Cigarette case in silver, covered with cross-grain leather, with an absolutely sober interior in gold. A simple press on the upper front and the cover opens as if by magic. Another adorable jewel that we never tire of handling. Cigarette box "Muratti" Hermès-Paris 1929 Backround: porte-folio Hermès 1929 où l'on distingue l'étui Muratti Silver Cross Grain Leather (Vintage Cigarettes) Dimensions : 9 x8 x 0,5 cm Cigarette box Hermès-Paris 1923 an object to seduce... Cigarette box Hermès-Paris 1923 In the background: Hermès 1923 folio holder reproducing the case enamelled with black and green stripes on one side. Guilloche surface on the other side, vermeil interior Silver enamel Dimensions : 8 x 6,3 x 0,5 cm Matchbox Hermès-Paris 1923 ...wax matches Matchbox Hermès-Paris 1923 Both sides enamelled on silver. In the background: Hermes 1923 portfolio Silver enamel Dimensions : 4,7 x 3 x 0,4 cm Inside the case with its original short wax and sulphide matches Emouvante trouvaille - une ceinture d'une autre mode ! objet de famille Quand tante Eléonore G. a ouvert son tiroir de la commode à l'entresol, il y avait des vêtements de nuit soigneusement rangés, une boite a attiré mon attention, j'étais sous tension. Nous l'avons ouverte ensemble, et avons découvert une pièce d'exception digne d'un musée de la mode. Cette rareté, signée Hermès, était intacte dans sa boite orange d'origine vieillie par le temps. Ceinture Hermès-Paris c.1940 à décor brodé d'ombres chinoises Feutre brodé Ruban gros-grain Cuir d'agneau Laiton chromé Double boucle Signature Etiquette à la calèche cousue Boucles à ardillons, revers Bob "Ombres chinoises" c. 1940 Signature Etiquette à la calèche "Cadrans anciens" an exceptionnel belt When I acquired this curious belt made up of early 19th century watch dials, I was astonished. The American woman who gave it to me came to France every year to spend a holiday on the Rivera Cote d'Azur. She had brought back this belt bought at Hermès in those years. "Cadrans anciens" belt Hermès Paris 24 Fg St Honoré 1948 Scarf "Cadrans anciens" Hugo Grygkar, 1948 1948 L'Officiel de la mode Koran case made by Hermès at the request of Thomson-CSF for certain Middle Eastern clients the falcon: national bird of Qatar Koran case Hermès-Paris 1980 Published by Hermès for Thomson-CSF (which became Thalès in 2000) for the launch of the Shaheen system developed in Saudi Arabia. Offered to some prestigious clients in the Middle East. Top of the cover On the top of the lid, a circular medallion decorated with a Shaheen falcon in gold relief on a background engraved with the Thomson-CSF logo representing an anti-aircraft tank.The inscription "صقر" means "holy falcon" or "Falco cherrug Inside the cover Engraved "1400-SHAHINE - 1980" topped by the emblem of Saudi Arabia Silver plated brass Gold Wood Designed by Ravinet d'Enfert for Hermès-Paris Signed Hermès-Paris on one side Chaperon Unique piece made for the Hermès Sèvres Babylonne 2011 fashion show Falcon hunting is a sport practiced by all Qataris. The possession of this bird is a symbol of power and nobility. In the country, it is a real passion. The bird even has its own air-conditioned room. It is treated like a real pet, or even better! Chaperon(1) of falconry Creation Hermès 2011 Pièce unique réalisée dans les ateliers de sellerie Hermès à l’occasion du défilé de mode 2011 dans l’espace Hermès Sèvres Babylone. Le chaperon est entièrement réalisé à la main en cuir de veau noir et bague paladiée, perlée du H d’ Hermès. Calf leather Paladised metal Chaperon - top view 2011 marks the arrival of Christophe Lemaire at Hermès. It was on the occasion of his first fashion show that the Hermès saddlery workshop produced this prototype, which falls into the category of exceptional orders from the workshop/unique piece. Chaperone on its original oval box Christophe Lemaire's first fashion show for Hermès, just after Jean-Paul Gaultier's departure, took place in the H Sèvres-Babylone boutique. Initially, the falcons present at the show were supposed to be hooded, but in the end, the show took place bareheaded for the bird of prey in order to avoid additional stress, knowing that it would not have the master falconer at its side. Parade Hermès Boutique Sèvres Babylone en 2011 (1) A leather headdress used to blind a falcon so that it remains calm and undisturbed by its surroundings. Introduced to the West by Frederic II and described in his famous treatise "De arte venandi cum avibus". Quoted by Marco Polo in 1298. Articulated dachshund photo holder the favourite pet Photo frame "Anita" Hermès-Paris 1988 Silver Palier N°5 - Find out more soon

  • 33.3• Level N°3 - Hermès Créations Travel bag Carrying case (1897 - 1950s)

    Heritage treasures of Hermès creations - Private collection - Visit... The rare, the authentic, the beautiful, the unusual... major research criteria in my choice of collections. N° Hermès Paris "sac forme haute" 1897 Introduit en 1897, il devient en 1958 le sac "Haut à Courroies" ...This same clientele, in its quest for new leisure areas, demands adapted luggage to take with it, on its journeys to seaside towns and horse-riding towns, the hat case, the boot case, or the riding equipment, the golf bag. The weekend traveller can take his necessities with him on the train using the high, strapped bag that was the best-selling item at the end of the 19th century... From a publication by Jean-Pierre Blay, historian, University of Paris Nanterre Détail pont et sanglon pointe courbée Vue du rabat de fermeture avec ses 4 mortaises Sac ouvert avec son cadenas tonneau nickelé Sac 2 poignées, 1 rabat Fermoir à sanglons Intérieur : espace libre, fond renforcé Vache grain long, laiton L. 460 mm Répertorié dans "Mémoire des sacs Hermès I" Arfon MDE Provenance : Famille choletaise (France) chiffré ALS Acquisition : Etude Chauviré-Coutant à Cholet (Maine et Loire) N° Hermès-Paris 24 Fg St Honoré "sac de voyage à courroies pour dame" 1937 dans la couleur iconique de l'époque qui est le marron d'Inde Introduit en 1937, en 1956 il devient le "Kelly" Presented for the first time in the pages of the Hermes commercial catalogue "Suggestions" 1938, under the name "travel bag with straps for ladies". One size, one finish in 1938. The iconic ladies' bag evolved slightly in shape. In 1956, it was called "Kelly" and became a fundamental base for many of the brand's creations. Signature Détail du touret en laiton martelé Sac ouvert avec sa doublure en box-calf Poignée plate avec les dés montés sur enchapes renforcées par 2 clous en laiton Sac vue de trois-quart Sac à main 1 poignée 1 rabat Fermoir à sanglons Intérieur : espace libre 2 poches plaquées 1 large poche plaquée Box-calf, laiton L. 350 mm Répertorié dans "Mémoire des sacs Hermès I" Arfon MDE Acquisition : Etude lyonnaise de Baecque N° Hermès-Paris Déposé Sac de transport pour bombe d'équitation c. 1930 Sac de transport 1 poignée escamotable montée sur passes Fermeture Eclair à glissière Intérieur : adapté à la forme de la bombe d'équitation, doublure Vache grain long, peau d'agneau, laiton L. 265 mm A l'intérieur bombe d'équitation de chez Motsch Signature intérieur bas Acquisition : France Bordeaux Aquitaine N°INV.gf103 Hermès Paris Sac de transport pour jumelles c. 1930 Sac de transport bandoulière rabat à charnière Fermoir bouton Intérieur : espace aménagée pour une paire de jumelle Peau de porc, peau de chamois, ficelle, laiton nickelé L. 160 mm Chiffré et frappé de la couronne comtale de la famille Intérieur de l'étui Signature Acquisition : succession Jean d'Ariste - Etude Carrère & Laborie France Pau Nouvelle-aquitaine Provenance : Appartenait au Comte Jean d'Ariste, éleveur de chevaux passionné de cheval N°INV.gf104 Hermès 24 Fg St Honoré "Mallette à soufflets invisibles" 1929 Valise mallette 3 points de fermeture + sangles à l'intérieur : espace aménagée avec étui amovible pour chemises Détail du soufflet déployé Peau de porc, peau d'agneau, laiton nickelé L. 700 mm Signature sur la tranche intérieure Etui à chemise amovible avec tirette à l'intérieu Catalogue commercial Hermès 1929 N°INV.gf105 Hermès Paris Déposé "Sac-mallette" introduit en 1923 Remis en collection (variante) sous le nom de "Macpherson", 1990 Détail serrure avec entrée dissimulée, moraillon accolade Vue de trois-quart Sac-mallette 2 poignées Fermeture à glissière Intérieur haut : espace libre Intérieur bas : zone de rangement en ceinture de la mallette Peau de lézard, peau d'agneau, laiton argenté, satin moiré L. 455 mm l. 285 mm Signature Détail fermoir à glissière Répertorié dans le livre "Mémoire des sacs Hermès II" Arfon Maison d'Edition N°INV.gf106 Hermès 24. Faubg St Honoré Sac de calèche 1927 Détail du fermoir sac ouvert Sac squaremouth Fermeture à curseur sur rail Détail du fermoir sac fermé Clé clochette tirette Intérieur : espace libre 2 poches plaquées en vis à vis, doublure toile Vache grain long laiton chromé, toile patron L. 460 mm l. 270 mm Signature Système de calage en mode sac ouvert/fermé. L'élément latéral gauche bascule pour obtenir la position désirée Acquisition auprès d'une propriétaire Genevoise. Elle s'appelle, Particia, nous avons gardé un contact amical. Je lui est attribué le nom de sac "Patricia" N°INV.gf107 Hermès-Paris Déposé Sac d'architecte c. 1930 Sac de métier Fermetures à glissière et liens avec passants à oeillets Intérieur : Haut 1 : 1 compartiment à soufflet / Milieu : 1 large poche plaquée fermeture à liens / Bas 3 poches plaquées à liens Box-calf, laiton argenté, L. 590 mm l. 410 mm Intérieur du sac Signature Poignée escamotable montée sur passes Hermès Paris "Sac à linge" 1953 Sac de transport 1 poignée escamotable montée sur passes Fermeture à lien-chaîne coulissant-poignée Cadenas Intérieur : espace libre Toile canevas, box-calf, laiton doré Diamètre 380 Ht. 770 mm N°INV.gf108 Assise Signature Fermeture Poignée chaîne cadenas clés L'art de la mode 1956 N°INV.gf109 Hermès-Paris ""Sac forme haute" ou 'Sac de selle" 1924 Introduit en 1897, il devient en 1958 le sac "Haut à Courroies" Vue du rabat de fermeture avec ses 2 mortaises Signature Sac de transport 2 poignées Fermeture à rabat Intérieur : espace libre doublé toile Toile canevas, cuir barénia, toile à patron, laiton Long. 490 mm Cadenas Clés Tirette Acquisition : France Bordeaux Aquitaine N°INV.gf110 Hermès-Paris 24. Fg St Honoré Déposé "boite à chapeau" Introduite en 1926 Sac de transport 1 poignée Fermeture rail à glissière Signature Intérieur : espace libre, sangles de fixation, doublure Vache grain long, peau d'agneau, toile satinée, laiton argenté Diamètre : 450 mm Fermeture rail à glissière Hermès Catalogue commercial, 1926 N°INV.gf111 Hermès-Paris 24. Fg St Honoré "boite à chapeau extra légère, fermeture Eclair" 1929 Sac de transport 1 poignée Fermeture Eclair à glissière Poignée sangle à boucle/ardillon Fermeture à glissière Signature Sac de transport 1 poignée Fermeture Eclair à glissière Intérieur : espace libre, sangles de fixation, doublure Toile canevas, toile satinée, box-calf, laiton doré Diamètre : 400 mm Intérieur avec sangles de fixation Hermès Catalogue 1929 Acquisition : France Bordeaux Aquitaine L'officiel 1948 N°INV.gf112 "Madère" ou "sac à linge" 1963 remis en collection en 2017 Sac de transport 2 poignées Fermeture Eclair à glissière Intérieur : espace libre, doublure Toile canevas, box-calf, toile satinée, laiton Long: 400 mm Signature à l'intérieur Poignées détail Acquisition : France Lyon Rhône-Alpes N°INV.gf113 Hermès Paris "Sac auto forme haute 'fermeture Eclair' " c.1929 Introduit en 1923, il devient en 1925 le sac "Bugatti" puis en 1995 est renommé "Bolide" Signature Sac d'automobile 2 poignées Fermeture Eclair à glissière Assise lisse Cadenas tonneau Intérieur : 4 poches plaquées positionnées dans le bas en vis à vis, doublure Peau de porc, peau d'agneau, laiton Long. : 350 mm Hermès Catalogue commercial, 1929 Emile Hermès et sa fille ainée Yvonne 1930 (vue partielle) N°INV.gf114 Hermès Déposé c. 1925 Introduit en 1923, il devient en 1925 le sac "Bugatti" puis en 1995 est renommé "Bolide" Sac de transport 2 poignées Fermeture rail à glissière Assise cloutée Intérieur : espace libre doublure agneau (fond et bas), doublure chèvre (haut) Fermeture Cadenas Signature Box-calf, peau de chèvre, peau d'agneau, laiton Long. : 400 mm Tirette Assise N°INV.gf115 Hermès-Paris 24. Fg St Honoré 1929 "Sac voyage forme haute à soufflets, fermeture Eclair" Détail fermeture Eclair Sac de voyage 2 poignées Fermeture Eclair à glissière Assise cloutée Intérieur : espace libre doublure chèvre Box-calf, peau de chèvre, peau d'agneau, laiton Long. : 450 mm Signature à l'intérieur du sac N°INV.gf116 Hermès-Paris 24. Fg St Honoré 1936 "Squarmooth" Sac de voyage squarmooth 1 poignée Fermeture Eclair à glissière Assise cloutée Intérieur : espace libre Porte étiquette signée Hermès Peau de porc, laiton Long. : 400 mm Larg. : 225 mm Clé Suggestions 1936 Palier n° 4 en préparation

  • 18• Monsieur Marquay Perfume bottle in its box dedicated by Salvador Dali to Joseph Foret

    "They say I'm crazy, but Foret is even crazier than me, he undertakes books that nobody has tried or had the idea of doing. » Salvador Dali (pour présenter Joseph Foret, le 22 février 1964 à New-York) Box designed by Joseph Foret Art publisher 64, rue La Fayette Paris 9e, known for its edition of the Apocalypse (1). The handwritten dedication of Salvador Dali can be seen Monsieur Marquay, presented in a bottle and box designed and illustrated by Salvador Dali for Marquay Parfumeur, 1953 Unique copy with the publisher's stamp, and dedication to the publisher by Salvador Dali in manuscript on one side of the jacket. Provenance: Piece sold at auction after the ruin of Foret (2) circa 1970. This anecdotal piece was made and dedicated during the first years of the Apocalypse while Dali and Foret were faced with the laborious study of the artistic realisation of the work. The close complicity of the publisher Joseph Foret with Salvador Dali Dali était très proche de Joseph Foret (1901-1991) qui a réussi l'exploit de réunir les plus grands acteurs du monde des arts, de la peinture et de la littérature pour concevoir une oeuvre éditoriale gigantesque sur un sujet dantesque et divin. Un travail qui les a rapproché pendant de longues années de travail collaboratif. Le livre a été achevé en 1961. Joseph Foret and his edition of the Apocalypse Dali was very close to Joseph Foret (1901-1991), who managed the feat of bringing together the greatest players in the world of art, painting and literature to conceive a gigantic editorial work on a Dantesque and divine subject. A work that brought them together during several years of collaborative work. Le livre a été achevé en 1961. (1) It's an avalanche of record numbers that surrounds the Apocalypse, a book-monument conceived at the end of the 1950s by Joseph Foret.... The work, in any case, emanates an emotion of incredible intensity, born of the diversity of artistic sensibilities that it juxtaposes. An aesthetic abundance wanted by Foret. ... Orphan at 6 years old, starting from nothing and "mounted" in Paris, he meets the greatest: Picasso, Chagall, Dali. A wonder. One night in 1958 - a night of ecstasy? - Foret sets himself a challenge: to create a unique work, the work of his life. At the age of 57, he becomes the project manager... Despite the refusals of Picasso, Chagall and Mauriac, the company takes shape. To the painters is entrusted the creation of three illustrations each one corresponding to the various contemporary currents. Buffet representing figurative art, Dali surrealism, Zadkine cubism, Foujita Japanese art, Mathieu lyrical abstraction, Léonor Fini lyrical art and Trémois hyperrealism. The writers - Cocteau, Rostand, Rops, Giono, Cioran, Guitton - are entrusted with the task of writing in their own register, reflections and inspirations on the apocalypse of our time. All in all, a striking rendering, with, like a powerfully rhythmic text-image phrasing, which is accompanied by the text of Saint John, translated by R. P. Boismard, from the biblical school of Jerusalem, and calligraphed by Micheline Nicolas. "More than four thousand hours of gilding work to produce titles, lettering and highlights of the gold illustrations," comments Karoutzos. A unique book, of all records, the largest (210 kg) and the most expensive (estimated at 100 million francs in 1961, 200 million in 1963...) made on a single sheet of paper from the Moulins Richard de Bas which can be unfolded over 150 metres in length. . Dali and the Apocalypse. First visitor to the International Book Art and Bibliophily Fair (1959). Salvador Dali came in person. The master had to present the well-known book he had been working on for a long time : The Apocalypse, the most expensive and heaviest book in the world. The cover of the book is illustrated by Dali's sculpture, an impressive inlaid bronze door, weighing 150 kilos and representing the apocalyptic outpouring. To achieve it, Dali is said to have burst with an axe a wax plate in which he drowned needles, nails, shells, precious stones and also gold knives and forks. For, according to the master, "the Apocalypse can be eaten like cheese, cooked to perfection". Completed in 1961, the work travels around the world. During an exhibition in the Vatican, throne room, Pope John XXIII declared that it must be "seen by the crowds". This prophecy was largely fulfilled: until the mid-1970s, more than 140 exhibitions were devoted to it, and 7 million visitors attended. The Apocalypse is then at its zenith. Before succumbing to oblivion, to experience a desert crossing marked successively by (2) the ruin of Foret, the release of its blockbuster, .... after Patrimoine by Séverine Dieuze L'express March 22, 2004 Bibliography: " Représentation du dandy à l'image de Fred Aster " (L'art du Parfum C.M. Lefkowith, 1994) Museum: Museum of Perfume - Principality of Andorra (undesigned copy) END

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    Arfon Maison d'Edition publishes books on the themes of fashion, Hermès creations and perfume collections. It traces the history of French fashion and fashion accessories houses, mainly from the 20th century. The publishing house was founded in 1996 by Geneviève Fontan who is the author of Carrés d'Art, a collection of books dedicated to Hermès silk squares. Arfon MDE has expanded its Bookstore section to include antique books and rare or second-hand books on these themes. ___ Geneviève Fontan, historian, writer, editor and expert is specialized in the presentation of perfumes and cosmetics and in Hermès Creations. A full-time collector, she has gathered an important documentation which allows her to realize her works based on period documents. With her experience, knowledge and passion for art, she realizes through her books the desires to which collectors aspire that only an art lover and collector can translate. Geneviève Fontan received in 2004 the title of expert from the S.F.E.P, the French union of professional experts in works of art and collectibles. She acts as an expert for auction houses and private individuals. The joint commission for publications and press agencies issued her with a press card in 2001. She has written for many magazines, including Parfums et Senteurs, éditions Pierre Cardin, and created the magazine Parfums Art et Valeur, of which she was editor between 1991-1999.

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    arfon maison d'édition forthcoming: Carrés d'art IV - Illustrated directory of the Hermès scarves Carrés d'art - Carrés Hermès Limited editions Carrés d'art - Carrés Hermès Special issues by Geneviève Fontan ​ Arfon Maison d'Edition fondée en 1996 ​ tél. 0033 6 08 547 922 ​ fashion antique dealers love: Memory of Hermès I bags - Kelly Birkin HAC Memory of Hermès II bags - 2 handles bags Frimousse d'or - The Tabernacles of Beauty perfume bottles - powder boxes - cosmetics René Lalique Julien Viard Baccarat 1 € de frais de port pour la France Métropolitaine quel que soit le montant de votre commande. ​ ---------------- VISITEZ LE BLOG DE GENEVIEVE FONTAN --------------- Fine arts - Fashion - Perfume & Collections Quick View Carrés Hermès Limited Edition Price €59.00 Quick View Hermès Special Editions scarves Price €46.00 BIENTOT EN RUPTURE DE STOCK Quick View CARRES D'AR IV • ILLUSTRATED DICTIONARY OF CARRES HERMES Price €59.00 Quick View Carrés Hermès Limited Edition Price €59.00 Quick View Hermès Special Editions scarves Price €46.00 BIENTOT EN RUPTURE DE STOCK Quick View CARRES D'AR IV • ILLUSTRATED DICTIONARY OF CARRES HERMES Price €59.00 Selection Old books Rare books pour rester zen... faites du yoga To stay zen, do yoga. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will help you make your choice of books. Titre Minimal Titre Minimal Photo from Hermès II bags memory book - 2 handles bags Trilogie de Carrés d'art édition numérotée ​ THREE BOOKS IN THE TRILOGY OF CARRES D'ART Carrés d'art IV - Illustrated directory of the Hermès scarves • Carrés d'art - Carrés Hermès Limited editions • Carrés d'art - Carrés Hermès Special issues ​ Merci de votre visite

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    Politique du magasin Arfon Maison d'Edition is a limited liability company, created in 1996, managed by Geneviève Fontan. Our business is not just an online book store. Many of our clients are our friends, we know a lot of them and it is always a pleasure to help and direct them in their collection which are also our collections. We respond to everyone and take the time to listen to you. There is no telephone surcharge or waiting time. We inform our customers about the parts in their possession and help them to know them better or to negotiate them in the best of their interests if necessary. We respond to your emails very quickly. Thank you for your confidence. contact us Confidentiality and protection We have chosen as immediate payment method, Paypal payment which provides our customers with all the guarantees and security of the data as well as all remedies. People who wish to make a bank transfer to our account are invited to use the link by clicking here Questions about wholesale For the attention of organizations, associations or groups We practice preferential rates for the wholesale whatever the volume from 15 titles For that we ask you to formulate your request by specifying the number of copies by title and the destination of the country. We will send you a quote and send you the goods upon receipt of payment. For the attention of booksellers We work in proforma or opening an account depending on the volume of orders. payment methods • PAYPAL • Bank transfer • Bank check for France Customer service

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